R&D Benchmarking:

Bespoke Benchmarking R&D Scoreboards benchmark research & development investment across any and all sectors of the global economy.  These reports summarise company data on investment in R&D and financial performance utilising Bespoke Benchmarking’s own unparalleled information database and our unique re-calculation of R&D by converting the accounting disclosures to actual cash spend.  Highly regarded, these immediately allow the reader to get behind the figures reported in company annual reports and accounts and to establish the actual amount of R&D spend.  Different to BERD and ONS data, Bespoke Benchmarking delivers an unparalleled degree of granularity; from large scale reports including 2000 companies (UK R&D Investment Scoreboard), to smaller bespoke Scoreboards focusing on specific sectors or regions.


Index Tracker Investment Fund Design:

Developed on the back of 20 years of financial reporting based expertise in delivering statistical Scoreboards, the  Bespoke Benchmarking Information Service utilises a definable ‘system’ based on our own proprietary algorithm to develop an equity portfolio.  Using this definable system we have demonstrated year on year outperformance against the FTSE 100 index by up to 19% in the last decade; an outperformance which will add value to any portfolio.  The service is quite different to other investment ‘systems’ available today in that it is a smart beta product derived from hard accounting data and can be shown to deliver results year after year - the robustness of the algorithm is demonstrated by the BBIT UK 100 Index Tracker.  This information is delivered to a number of investment houses on a bespoke basis designed for their specific equity portfolios.


Financial Reporting Benchmarking:

Bespoke Benchmarking created and has delivered a number of bespoke Scoreboards looking at IFRS financial reporting standards across a number of industry sectors – e.g. Pharmaceutical, Energy, Banking & Insurance.  Following an in-depth analysis and comparison of client’s relevant financial statements/disclosures with those of their peers and competitors we produce a detailed dissemination of the quality of a sectors investment, or standard of financial reporting.  Delivered with a numerical score and a ranking this quickly allows for ‘best-in-class’ comparisons (or otherwise) to be made.  Following on this allows our clients to identify areas where they are strong and areas where they need improvement; and, importantly, which of their peers are performing better, and why.  One of the strengths of Bespoke Benchmarking’s sector benchmarking is the high level of engagement between client and our analyst staff - you can be involved in the selection of the companies - peers, competitors etc.


Capex Benchmarking:

Bespoke Benchmarking Capex Scoreboards benchmark companies by capital expenditure and can be applied equally well to all sectors of the global economy.  Because Capex looks at company investment in relation to the creation of future benefits these Scoreboards have been used as a benchmark to investigate which countries, sectors and companies are delivering investment to create growth.  As with the R&D Scoreboards the Capex benchmark delivers an easily definable ranking system, allowing governments to plan future policy and individual companies to view the trends in expenditure, how their peers are investing, and to formulate business cases for increased, or reduced, investment.  Bespoke Benchmarking has delivered large, international based benchmarks such as the UK  DTI Capex Scoreboard, and are well placed to deliver bespoke reports based on country, sector or any other group of companies.


EBITDA Benchmarking:

Bespoke Benchmarking has delivered a number of EBITDA studies, both individual and wrapped up with larger CAPEX Scoreboards. With this prior experience we are well placed to deliver bespoke EBITDA Scoreboards.  Although a number of other bodies produce studies on EBITDA, Bespoke Benchmarking’s approach is different - based on our expertise in financial reporting practices our definition of EBITDA is standardised and gets away from the variability and biasing that many other company’s own definitions suffer.  As with our other benchmarks a high level of engagement between Bespoke Benchmarking & the client ensures the best scope & direction for your bespoke Scoreboard.